05-01-16  "Aging Well"  VIDEO
04-24-16  "How To Close A Letter"  part 2 VIDEO
04-17-16  "How To Close A Letter"  VIDEO
04-10-16  "Not Ashamed Of The Gospel"  &  Update by Edith White Missionary  VIDEO 
03-27-16  "Death Defeated"  The Resurrection Effect  VIDEO
03-20-16  "Hosanna"  VIDEO
03-13-16  "From Generation To Generation"  VIDEO
03-06-16  "Our Core Values"  VIDEO
02-28-16  "The Triumph Of Believing"  VIDEO
02-27-16  Luz and Arnie's Wedding"  VIDEO
02-21-16  "Signs Of A Healthy Church"  part 5  VIDEO  
02-14-16  "New Day - Full Of  Choices"  Pres. Ken Kemper, Grace Bible College VIDEO
02-07-16  "Signs Of A Healthy Church"  part 4  VIDEO
01-31-16  "The Lord's Leading In Our Lives"  by Pastor Adrian Van Houten  VIDEO 
01-24-16  "Signs Of A Healthy Church"  part 3  VIDEO
01-17-16  "Signs Of A Healthy Church"  part 2  VIDEO
01-10-16  "Signs Of  A Healthy Church"  part  1 VIDEO
01-08-16  Memorial Service for Brother Lennie Gino  VIDEO
12-27-15  "Christmas Through The Eyes Of  Wise Men"  VIDEO
12-20-15  "Christmas Through The Eyes Of Heaven"  VIDEO
12-13-15  "Christmas Through The Eyes Of Simeon"  VIDEO
12-06-15  "Christmas Through The Eyes Of Mary"  VIDEO
11-29-15  "Indescribable Gift"   by Bob Evans  VIDEO
11-22-15  "When Thanksgiving Meets Christmas"  VIDEO

11-15-15  "Day versus Night"  VIDEO
11-08-15  "A Good Soldier"  VIDEO
11-01-15  "Immigration: The World At Our Doorsteps"  Pastor Frosty Hansen  VIDEO
10-25-15  "God Is Stronger Than My Weakness"  VIDEO
10-18-15  "The Believer's Hope"  VIDEO
10-15-15  Pastor Cliff Lee Memorial Service  VIDEO
10-11-15  "How To Please God"  part 2  VIDEO
10-04-15  "Act Like A Man"  VIDEO
09-20-15  "How To Please God"  part 1 VIDEO
09-13-15  "What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do"  VIDEO
09-06-15  "Non Labor Day"  VIDEO
08-30-15  Evening Concert by "Grupo Logos"  VIDEO
08-30-15  "It's All About Grace" With Grupo Logos   VIDEO
08-29-15  Evening concert by "Grupo Logos"  VIDEO
08-23-15  "We Are One"  VIDEO
08-16-15  "The Pastor's Heart"  part 4  VIDEO
08-09-15  "The Pastor's Heart" part 3  VIDEO
08-02-15  "The Pastor's Heart" part 2  VIDEO
07-26-15  "The Pastor's Heart" part 1  VIDEO
07-19-15  "God's Eternal Purpose"  (Ray Hervey)  VIDEO
07-12-15  "How Much Do People Matter To Us" (Chuck Befus)  VIDEO
07-05-15  "Heavenly Citizenship"  VIDEO
06-28-15 "The Word Works"  VIDEO
06-21-15  "Doing God's Work, God's Way"  part 3 VIDEO
06-14-15  "Doing God's Work, God's Way" part 2 VIDEO
06-07-15  "Doing God's Work, God's Way" part 1  VIDEO
05-31-15  "Salvation Brings Responsibility  VIDEO
05-24-15 "HE Did Not Die In Vain"  VIDEO
05-17-15  "Vital Signs" part 4  VIDEO
05-10-15  "Loving Like A Mother"  VIDEO
05-03-15  "Vital Signs" part 3  VIDEO
04-26-15  "Vital Signs" part 2  VIDEO
04-19-15  "Vital Signs"  part 1  VIDEO
04-12-15  "The Fab Three"  VIDEO
04-05-15  "God Undefeatable" (Resurrection Sunday) VIDEO
03-22-15  "Sweet Harmony"  VIDEO
03-15-15  "What's In A Word?"  VIDEO
03-08-15  "Even When It Hurts, Christ Still Loves Me"  VIDEO
03-01-15  "Let Us Build It Together"  VIDEO
02-22-15  "The Grace Of Giving"  VIDEO
02-15-15  "Men At Work" (Building God's Building)  Ken Kemper (President Of Grace Bible College)  VIDEO
02-08-15  "Living For Christ In An Anti-Christ World"(Van Houten music ministry)   VIDEO
02-01-15  "Traveling Light" part 2  VIDEO
01-25-15  "A Life That Counts" VIDEO
01-23-15  Sally Selfors' Memorial Service  VIDEO
01-18-15  "Traveling Light"  part 1  VIDEO
01-11-15  "Life's # 1 Priority"  VIDEO
01-04-15  Until He Comes!  VIDEO
12-28-14  The Day After Christmas  VIDEO
12-21-14  "PRICELESS" - Giving The Gift Of Jesus VIDEO
12-14-14  "PRICELESS" - Giving The Gift Of Service  VIDEO
12-07-14  "PRICELESS" - Giving The Gift Of Forgiveness  VIDEO
11-30-14  "PRICELESS" - Giving The Gift Of Gratitude  VIDEO
11-23-14  The Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal  VIDEO
11-16-14  Count Your Blessings  VIDEO
11-09-14  Remember To Forget  VIDEO
11-02-14  The Math Of GRACE  VIDEO
10-26-14  Four Foundational Principles  VIDEO
10-19-14  What Is That In Your Hand?  VIDEO
10-05-14  Bob Xavier  "The Deity Of Christ Under Attack"   VIDEO 
09-28-14  The Ultimate God  VIDEO
09-21-14  From Duty To Delight  VIDEO
09-14-14  For The Bible Tells Me So  VIDEO
09-07-14  STOP "Helping Out" In Church  VIDEO
08-31-14  The Supremacy Of Christ  VIDEO
08-17-14  A Life That Counts  Part 4  VIDEO 
08-10-14  A Life That Counts  Part 3  VIDEO
08-03-14  A Life That Counts  Part 2  VIDEO
07-27-14  Twenty Riches In Christ  VIDEO
07-20-14  A Life That Counts  VIDEO
07-13-14  Do I Really Need The Church  Part 2  VIDEO
07-06-14  What To Do With Freedom  VIDEO
06-29-14  Do I  Really Need The Church  VIDEO
06-22-14  BUILDING MATERIALS(Not Sold At Home Depot) Part 5  VIDEO
06-08-14  BUILDING MATERIALS(Not Sold At Home Depot) Part 4  VIDEO
06-01-14  BUILDING MATERIALS(Not Sold At Home Depot) Part 3 VIDEO
05-25-14  In Remembrance Of Me  VIDEO
05-18-14  BUILDING MATERIALS (Not Sold At Home Depot) Part 2  VIDEO
05-11-14  The Invisible Woman  VIDEO
05-04-14  BUILDING MATERIALS (Not Sold At Home Depot)  VIDEO
04-27-14  What Really Counts  VIDEO
04-20-14  Powered By The Resurrection  VIDEO
04-13-14  I'm a Fool... and Proud of it!  VIDEO
04-06-14  Sing To The Lord  VIDEO
03-30-14  The Blessings Of Adversity  VIDEO
03-23-14  We Had Church In The Park
03-16-14  Find Your "SUPERIOR" 
03-09-14  Grace Giving  VIDEO
03-02-14  Leave your Disappointments in 2013 - Part 2 VIDEO
02-23-14  Leave your Disappointments in 2013 VIDEO
02-16-14 Identity and Integrity Video
02-09-14 Let The Love Flow Video
02-02-14 Leave Your Inferiority in 2013 Video
01-26-14 Leave Your Discontentment in 2013 Video 
01-19-14 Leave Your Worries in 2013 Video 
01-12-14 Leave Your Guilt in 2013 Video 
01-05-14 Leave Your Resentments in 2013 Video 

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